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** Alpha Release Available **  Please feel free to post bug/issues/comments/suggestions. 

Foundations / Server 2010 version

SharePoint Online version

** Source Code Update - source code re-uploaded correctly and is now available for download**

Project Description
This project allows a user to quickly edit files right in the browser using ACE (

SPEditor is an application that allow the user to quickly edit common text based files through the browser. No need to open up SharePoint Designer to edit a CSS or JavaScript file. SPEditor adds a menu item to the Edit Control Block (ECB) menu of supported file types. Just click the 'Edit in SPEditor' from the drop down and it will load your file in the online code editor.

The code editor is powered by ACE ( and is added to the project by an external reference to the ACE javascript file. 


  • Supports Editing of these file types: .txt, .html, .htm, .js, .css, .xml, .xsl
  • Allows users to edit & save files through the browser
  • Edit link embedded in the Edit Control Block (ECB) menu for supported file types.
  • Editor Syntax Highlighting
  • Compatible with Foundations 2010 / Server 2010 / SharePoint Online 

More Features Coming Soon...


Foundations 2010 / SharePoint Server 2010 / SharePoint Online

Access to internet (external ACE.js cdn)

Works Best for IE9+, Chrome, FireFox 


  • Edit Control Block (ECB) menu

  • Editor (CSS Mode)

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